Watts RO PRO Bladder Tank


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RO PRO tanks are perfect for undersink installations of reverse osmosis systems. NSF Certified, these slim tanks are taller & thinner than most so they take up less space. At the same time they feature 4 gallons of capacity instead of the standard 3 gallon tanks provided with many under sink reverse osmosis systems. These tanks will definitely fit under any sink.

Tank Valve sold separately.

Height: 20", Width: 9"

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs

Parts / Accessories

  • John Guest Reverse Osmosis Tank Valve with 3/8″ Quick-Connect Fitting

    Part#: PPSV501222W
  • John Guest Reverse Osmosis Tank Valve with 1/4″ Quick-Connect Fitting

    Part#: PPSV500822W